Thursday, 30 August 2012

Reasons to Eat Non Dairy Ice Cream

1. Having An Allergy or Intolerance:
Dairy allergies are one of the most common food allergies people have, effects ranging from discomfort, to anaphylactic shock. I unfortunately suffer from anaphylaxis if I eat most types of dairy products. So if you fall into this category of allergies or intolerance then eating non dairy ice cream is a great alternative to discomfort or even a trip to the hospital. 

2. Being Vegan:
More and more people are becoming vegan. If you are someone who chooses to not eat (or use) any animal byproducts but LOVE ice cream than eating non dairy ice cream is the way to go! Come on, who wouldn't like a nice lemon lime sorbet?!

3. Living a healthier lifestyle:
There are some disadvantages people have found with consuming dairy. One disadvantage are the contaminants that could be found in diary products such as pesticides and synthetic hormones that can be harmful to the body over time. Another disadvantage is that dairy products are very high in fat and cholesterol.

4. Trying Something New:
You don't really need a reason to try non dairy ice cream at the end of the day though! Even if you don't necessarily fit into any of these categories but you want to try something new and tasty and that is a perfect reason to try non dairy ice cream!

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