Sunday, 2 September 2012

Oreo Ice Cream Recipe

This oreo ice cream recipe is very rich and smooth! I have made this a couple times now and each time I'm in heaven till it's done

Tip: if you put whole oreos in it will make the ice cream sweeter and smoother but can be a bit too rich! the middle part of the oreo causes this. So what I like to do it just 10 oreo tops and bottoms and then 5 whole oreos to get a good consistency.

What you'll need:
- 10 oreos
- a cream substitute (I like to use nutriwhip, you can find it in more grocery stores) you'll only need to use half

You'll again need to make sure that your freezer bowl for you ice cream maker has been in the freezer for a day or two before hand.

Crush the oreos, mix them into half of the cream substitute. Assemble your ice cream maker and pour the mixture in!! Turn it or turn it on for 30 minutes and you'll have the best oreo ice cream ready for you to enjoy!
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  1. Could you do any of these recipes in a BlendTec? I don't have an ice cream maker, but a BlendTec kind of serves as the same purpose.

  2. You wouldn't be able to follow this recipe too close if you use a blendtec.
    For instance you would have to add ice. It would end up being like a very frozen smoothy.
    Here's a youtube video with a quick example using a blendtec